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Glasgow Tree Surgeons is proud to provide you with the kind of local tree surgeon assistance that only comes through years of hard work and experience. We are the company for you and have it covered when it comes to booking a tree service, whether in the domestic or commercial market, from removal to grinding, pruning to chipping, commercial field clearing, and all in between. To find out how to book a service and take the next move on the path to tree perfection, go to the service page that best suits your needs.

Looking for a top Tree Surgeon Glasgow ?we are proud to match you with a top-notch local expert. From the West End's leafy parks and gardens all the way north to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, and beyond to the central belt.

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So what can Tree Surgeons Glasgow do ?

Our Glasgow Tree Surgeons serve Central Scotland.
Our tree surgeons often travel across Scotland, serving the Greater Glasgow region and beyond.
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Why Choose Our Tree Services In Glasgow ?

We provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective tree and garden care and maintenance services to suit every budget. Complex tree surgeon and landscape garden site clearing. Extensive landscaping for local governments, and a wide variety of small and large tree and garden work for commercial clients , as well as various tree surgeon and gardening ventures for private individuals, are only a few examples of our previous work.
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Best Glasgow Tree Surgeons


Tree pruning and reduction services are available at any time of year, but they are dependent on the species of trees you have. Spring-flowering trees may be cut or pruned immediately after they bloom. Summer-blooming plants must be pruned in the early spring. Fruit-bearing trees should be pruned in late winter to give them form and enable sunlight to reach the centre of the tree.

Pruning non-flowering broad-leaf trees or shrubs is best done during the dormant season, which is late autumn or winter. Dead trees, on the other hand, may be removed at any time of the year.

If you're unsure, consult a tree surgeon in your area.

Since Tree Surgeons provide a wide range of services, there is no one-size-fits-all cost for any given mission. Take, for example, tree felling. Trees come in a range of heights, weights, and measurements.

The tree surgeon must take into account the surrounding environment, including obstacles and health and safety assessments. The cost of disposal of trees, as well as the cost of labour, are also factors in the total cost.

A more professional team would be more costly, but they will complete the work to a higher and better level. When quoting, your tree surgeon should take all of this into account and be able to break down and explain the quote to you.

Great Service Garanteed

Best Tree Surgeons In Glasgow

Tree trimming entails reducing the size of a tree to allow more light into your landscape. Annual pruning is also beneficial to the health of your trees since it strengthens their stumps and branches and encourages new development.

Tree removal - The pros will cut down the tree from the top down, gradually lowering its size until they can reach the trunk. The arborists might then grind or level the stump that remains.

Trimming Hedge

If you've come to us because you're looking for a hedge trimmer, we're happy to tell you that you've come to the correct spot. Welcome to Glasgow Tree Surgeons. We recognise that we aren't the only hedge trimming service in the neighborhood.

Gardeners are usually the ones who trim small hedges, but we also offer this service. A tiny hedge or shrub can be trimmed back into a neat and orderly shape, while a large hedge, such as a row of conifers, can be reduced. This is done to the customer's preferred height, with a straight or rounded top for a more natural effect. The hedge is trimmed and pruned on all sides to create a neat and tidy appearance.


Every customer has specific needs. Before offering work that we believe needs to be done, we discuss the client's thoughts. We provide a quote and a plan based on this consultation.


Our highly qualified team will devote time to site preparation and task planning. We will explain each stage of the job in close consultation with the customer and thoroughly clear up at the conclusion.


We feel that reviewing the work, whether as part of maintenance service or as a simple follow-up contact, promotes client happiness. We provide a variety of maintenance services to fit the needs of all types of customers.

We are arborists and tree surgeons who provide expert tree work such as mature tree maintenance, pruning, and shaping.

This will not only preserve the amenity value of your trees, but it will also improve natural light and enhance the appearance of your property.

"Local family business did a fantastic job at my mother's house and three of her neighbors," John says.


"The staff came to our rear garden and manicured two enormous apple trees and eliminated three shrubs. The job was finished to a very high standard. Strongly suggested."


"professional Tree Surgery Company They come highly recommended."

Established Business

Glasgow Tree Surgeons has been in business for over 18 years and is a small, friendly, and competent tree surgery company based in Glasgow. We take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service, being extremely cautious when performing all services, and attempting to leave locations cleaner than when we arrived.

We have a strong work ethic that requires us to do the work in the best interests of the tree. This implies that we take longer to do the task, but the outcomes are better in the short and long term. We prefer to take a little extra time to ensure that the work is completed to the best possible standard rather than rushing jobs to meet deadlines.

We work on everything from small fruit trees to huge 200-year-old oaks; courtyard gardens to private woodlands, golf courses, schools, survey work, rigging/zip-lining, bat box installation, and even abseiling eye-bolts on occasion!

We have a minimal online presence because most of our work comes from referrals and repeat business.

The Roehampton Club, Putney High School, Church of the Holy Innocents, Moravian Church, and Coombe Wood Golf Course are some of our regular clients; references can be offered upon request, among others.

We handle all elements of tree surgery, including tree surveying, pruning, reductions, felling, thinning, crown lifting, dead wooding, cable bracing, hedge cutting, stump grinding, pests and diseases, and tree planting.

Windblown, hung-up unsafe trees were destroyed or made safe as a result of the emergency work.

All byproducts of the work are recycled; if a tree must be removed, the main stem is milled for furniture or construction, and logs and/or woodchips are used to make compost or paths!

A competent staff provides expert tree surgery.
The greatest level of quality and finish is guaranteed.
Health and safety policies have been established.

Specialized services and solutions are available in a wide spectrum.
A wide variety of tools is available. Customers from the private sector, the public sector, and the home

Construction and tree surgery are two of his specialties.
To stop the spread of Ash Dieback, we treat and remove affected trees.

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