Tree Felling & Tree Removal

Our specialists carry out professional tree removal services in the Glasgow area to remove old, dead, and unwanted trees. If you have already removed or felled a tree and would like to replant or lay lawn in the area, we offer trenchers. 

Tree surgeons are a dangerous profession that must be carried out by a qualified team. Even if you are a professional and do the removal of trees, there can be a number of problems when the removal of trees is carried out by someone who does not have the right training. We are experts in tree clearance and ensure that the work is carried out according to professional standards.   

Since we work with dangerous machinery, climbing, and rigging equipment, tree surgeons must be qualified first responders who are able to perform rescues if someone gets into difficulty climbing a tree. Tree surgeons must ensure the safety of the land and environment in which they work, and as we often work in public spaces we must carry out rigorous health and safety checks before, during, and after work to ensure safety for the public and our workers, equipment, and machinery at all times.

Tree surgeons are professional contractors who provide various services to treat and maintain old or damaged trees. The first thing a tree surgeon will discuss with the client is the requirement to examine the tree and its surroundings. They will assess whether the tree is healthy, whether there are diseases or whether it is at risk.

A tree surgeon is responsible for tree planting, pruning, felling, and general tree care, care, and maintenance. Individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other permanent trees are also examined by tree surgeons. The only difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist is that both examine and work together on the field.

Glasgow Tree Surgeons is the company you can rely on, whether you need a one-off pruning or an ongoing tree service in Glasgow. Providing the kind of needs you can address for the exterior landscaped of your property. We specialise in offering you the tree service you need at an affordable price that is better than the competition.

Trees are a visible accent to your property and taking care of your trees will make your entire garden look great. Many Glasgow arborists are cutting corners and failing to ensure their staff is hiding fees for completed tree work. 

Homeowners who want to remove a tree in their own backyard, even if it is only one meter high, do not need prior permission. The responsibility for good tree management lies with the landowner, who has the responsibility of obtaining the correct permit for the proposed works. 

The cost of removing trees in Glasgow varies from a few hundred pounds per tree to what is the size of the tree, the location on your property, and access to the tree. The biggest factor influencing the price of local tree service in Glasgow is who you put in for the job. The removal of trees should always be a last resort, but in certain circumstances, it may be necessary.

Our team of Glasgow tree surgeons travels from all over Glasgow, Edinburgh, and other parts of Scotland. We offer our customers expert pruning guarantees that the tree will remain beautiful, safe, and an eye-catcher for you. 

Tree Removal in Glasgow